Build your own adaptive local machine translation network: your data stays confidential!
While translating, your engine learns and gets better
Easily assign projects to multiple translators in multiple languages, who can all work on said project simultaneously. Thanks to distributed computing, there are no bandwidth issues, ever.
Patched Matching glues (parts of) sentences together, turning this 84% match into a 100% match!
Constructed Matches search and replace terms, turning this 96% match with three different terms into a 100% match!
Add and delete custom tags with RegEx as you translate, without re-import
A very strict terminology QA, without false positives and negatives
Define your own interface skins
Import Excel files the way you want, including string ID's and context information,
without re-import
Context info is displayed right below every string, for immediate read without hovering
Proofread existing translations while benefiting from full machine translation, matching, concordance and QA functionality
No need to define separate memories and terminology databases for SDLX projects: they are imported in one go, separately from your main database to prevent pollution
Currently supporting direct import of countless formats, from DOCX (Word) to JSON and growing
Get full context during subtitle translation while the video fragment belonging to the current segment is played automatically
Fully internal Q&A with project manager, right below the respective segment
Split lines in for example SRT files evenly with just one press of a button
Convert times in different time zones automatically
Dictate on whatever platform you use: if your browser supports it, Cattitude supports it
Import Excel columns with length restrictions, so that your translations always fit
Highlight filtered words in both source and target, no matter their case
Modify terms automatically on the fly if your database or machine translation engine keeps giving the wrong suggestion

Customized engine

79 euro per month

A version with your own customized Machine Translation (MT) engine, based on your own translation memory (two days of training needed, which normally costs about 800 euro at Amazon, but will be done for free by us - you can keep using this engine for free if you decide to stay with us after a free one month trial). This only makes sense if you can feed the engine at least a few million words in TMX format. Else the results will be mainly good for laughs only.
Base engine

29 euro per month
(plus 25 euro per month for ModernMT)

A version with a ModernMT base engine, which is not fine-tuned to your normal line of work, but which can be improved slowly and gradually in the course of months and years while you feed it from Cattitude. For this you'd need a separate subscription at ModernMT of 25 euro per month (first month is free).

For less field-specific and more general suggestions, you can also use DeepL, which is fully integrated into Cattitude. The edited result can still be used to train your ModernMT base engine, resulting in a win-win situation for every user.

To use this version, you must register an account at ModernMT first. This will give you a so-called API ID. If you give us the API ID, we can link your base engine to Cattitude.
No engine

24 euro per month

A version with no machine translation or whatsoever (except a possible link to DeepL, a general engine that does not learn).

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